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Grand Studio

Grand Studio If you have a band we can definitely accommodate you. Bring the drummer, the guitar player, the bass player and any others are welcome in our spacious band room. Call for Pricing$/hour
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Recording and Engineering

Recording and Engineering Take advantage of our experts and vocal coach we not only record but facilitate and guide you through your performance Call for Pricing$/hour
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Editing Studio

Editing Studio It's not about hitting record and send you on your way. We live for our reputation. When hired we really put our best listening ears and focus into making you get the professionalism you deserve Call for Princing$/hour
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Mastering Room

Mastering Room Want to take your recording to the elite level. Sound like a professional. We focus on making sure that your volume and energy of the song is consistent where it can compare to the professional standard Call for Princing$/hour
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Vocal Arrangement

Arrangement Studio One thing that we offer on our sessions is your very own vocal coach. Where the we guide you and help you develop your sound according to your song. Many artist lack a vocal coach and here at SMH it is available for you. Call for Pricing$/hour
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